Case Studies

Ohana Dwelling Case Study

Ohana Dwellings utilizes the latest in visualization and customization tools to maximize time spent on their site and lead conversion rates. This innovative company allows potential ADU buyers to:

• Search the directory of ADU models from multiple builders and building types;
• Explore model designs with a 3D Configurator tool;
• Immerse yourself in the model through a Virtual Reality tool; and
• Visualize the model in full 3D scale in your backyard with the Augmented Reality mobile app

By incorporating the 3D Configurator and AR/VR tools, they have created a fast and convenient way for prospective ADU or backyard office buyers to search for the perfect model and then choose their finishes and configurations. The configurator created for Ohana Dwellings website:

  • Helps buyers fully understand all of Ohana Dwellings model options, sizes, pricing and designs
  • Allows buyers to breeze through each customizable room and make their selections
  • Sends Ohana Dwellings reports of buyers choices and contact info to generate leads/sales

Buyers these days want to engage in the design process and utilize all the latest digital tools and technology from the comfort of their home.  The 3D Digital Marketing Tools from Immersed Media, provided us with a competitive advantage and increased sales while incorporating multiple customization options for our many pre-fab, stick built, container, and office ADU models.