Backyard Builds

Many prospective backyard build buyers want to know how the structure is going to look in their backyard.

Give prospective buyers an easy efficient buying and designing experience.


Allow buyers to easily tour, design and configure their backyard build.

Model Placer

Give them an actual real life perspective of the size and scale of your model.


Creating instantaneous spatial awareness of the model and their chosen designs.

3D Configurator Benefits:

Excite and engage prospective backyard build buyers

Educate buyers on the potential design and upgrades of your models

Create a streamlined tech forward efficient buying process

Features Include:

Buyers can instantly tour and create their backyard build in 3D

Save and load previous upgrades and selections

Calculates real-time prices and show additional upgrades and options

Live Demo

AR Model Placer:
See the model in the real space

Determine the ideal location of the backyard building’s orientation to maximize efficiency.

Find the Right Spot

Anyone who has completed a backyard build know that finding just the right spot for the structure is critical with the lot constraints.

Check out the View

See both what the view is looking into the structure and what the view is look out from the structure.

Instant Rendering

Homeowners can instantly see what the model will look like in their backyard. No need to wait for a rendering.

Digitally Measure

Digitally measure the set back line and place the model, so the homeowner can see what the model will look like in the exact spot.

A better way to:

Engage and Excite Buyers

Quickly create an emotional connection to your backyard office models by allowing buyers to customize and immerse themselves in your models.

A more efficient way to plan for a backyard office

Tools to facilitate more efficient sales and planning of backyard builds