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New Homebuying in the ecommerce world of 2021

2022 is a different world now. Consumer buying habits have exponentially shifted online. May companies are having to make changes to meet the demand of their online habits. The time spent online shopping for homes has seen a tremendous surge, accelerated by the pandemic.

According to a 2020 Builder Funnel survey, more than half of those surveyed said using online tools and creating interactive content was a top priority for the next 12 months.

  • 58 percent of millennials
  • 49 percent of Gen X
  • and 28 percent of baby boomers
Are comfortable touring and purchasing a home completely online.

Customers are looking for interactive experiences that meet them how and where they want to be met. Interactive buyer tools give buyers the means to take more control of home selection and buying process, typically resulting in 10-50% conversion lift in sales when interactive 3D content is available.

Nearly every home buyer begins their search online.

Builders that leverage model customizers are creating an enhanced buying experience that results in buyers spending typically 6xmore time with their particular model. Giving the buyer the ability to customize and instantly visualize their customizations creates an immediate emotional connection.