3D Model Configurator

Why Invest In Real Estate Real Time Solutions

Real time rendering is changing the face of real estate, helping planners and developers make better decisions, shortening sales cycles, and providing more satisfaction to stakeholders and purchasers.

Why this matters?

  • Create customized sales experiences - show your prospects all the possible options for your models, even before it's built. And when it comes to choosing the finish, purchasers can make their selections at their own pace and see exactly what they'll be getting, in context.
  • Communicate globally - Give your client and buyers the full showroom experience at their home, office, where ever they are. Offering high-resolutions and immersive buying experiences opens up your sales potential
  • Getting Buyers Comfortable - In our real time 3D model tours your digital twin can be leveraged to create an emotional connection with your models, while educating buyers on the possibilities
  • Cutting through the confusion - Buyers have to make a large number of decisions along the buying process. Being able to visualize the possible selections and what the end result will look like builds confidence in the decision, transparency and ultimately more customer satisfaction.