3D Model Configurator

Real-time Rendering tech powers Sales

Immersed Media’s real-time tech powers the sales suites of the future for real estate professionals and builders


The real estate industry is moving away from using traditional 2D renders as sales tools and embracing the power of real-time technology. Developers and builders of residential continually find that it’s not always easy for future buyers to visualize what their new space will look like.


Over the last 7 years in business, we have seen how real estate professionals, home builders and developers are helping potential buyers of residential homes to visualize properties by creating online tools with Immersed Media.


In the last two year online tools and sales conversions with those tools has become exceedingly important. As a result, developers and their real estate marketing teams are exploring real-time technologies, creating interactive sales suites that showcase their future properties like never before.  


Some of Immersed Media’s real time immersive tools include everything from interactive 3D models and VR walkthroughs to augmented reality model placement.  We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to enable real estate professionals and builders to present interactive home buying experiences to anyone, anywhere with a web browser.  

Buyers will love being able to walk through their unbuild model while swapping architectural finishes for a truly personalize customer centric experience.  The 3D model tours are fully and easily navigable that can include an number of upgrades integrated into the 3D tour.

Our research has shown that model using our 3D tours spend 45% less days on marketing with 37% more qualified leads.  This led to an increase customer satisfaction of 85%.